03 Dec 2016

What you will see everywhere in Seoul

Seoul, being the capital city of South Korea offers visitors, both domestic or international, a lot of eye tantalizing attractions and also a great mega city landscape. For people who come to Seoul for the first time, They will definitely be caught up in admiring this city. But you know what. Just 2-3 days after staying in Seoul, you will find out that there are some ‘things’ that you can find on every corner of Seoul. Wherever you go, you will see these everywhere and usually in vast numbers too.

1. Korean Cosmetic Stores

As Koreans love cosmetics and make up of all sorts, we can find a lot of Korean cosmetic stores on every corner of Seoul. There are a lot of Korean cosmetic brands in Korea. They all offer premium quality cosmetics. Let’s mention Etude House, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, Missha, The Saem, Tony Molly, Skin Food, etc. These cosmetic stores usually can be found in a tourist focused spot such as Myeongdong. Even though there are a lot of stores, but miraculously these stores are always filled by the visitors. They often offer huge discount and give samples or free cotton to the visitors so they can attract more visitors to visit their stores. So if you want to figure out what Korean girls’ beauty secrets, why don’t you hit these stores ?korea_cosmetic_1

2. Deli Manjoo (델리 만쥬)

A very mouth-watering snack to stuff our tummies before the lunch time ! Yup, Deli Manjoo ! Deli Manjoo is actually corn-shaped mini cakes stuffed with either vanilla cream or chocolate cream. It’s sold for 2.000 – 2.500 won per small pack. Deli Manjoo stalls can be found in lots of places, such as subway station, train station, market, shopping center, etc. Deli Manjoo has never failed my taste buds ! The warmness and the sweet smell of the cakes make me fall for it. Also the taste is light, not too sweet, so you won’t feel bloating. It’s such an easy snack to find in Seoul. Happy snacking!

Things you cant avoid when in Seoul

델리 만쥬!! looks scrumptious eh?

3. Korean Street Food (노점)

If you’re craving for something or just feeling like munching on something good in the middle of the night, you better go out in search Korean street food. It can be found mostly on every corner in Seoul. They are not only sold in the crowded spots, but also in the food truck on the edge of the street. There will be tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), mini kimbab ( Korean sushi roll stuffed with lots of ingredients ), fried food, soondae ( Solid pig blood covered in the pig intestines ), omuk ( Fish cakes ), and even soju – Korean liquor – ( if you feel like drinking as well ~~ ). Also you can grab ddalkkochi ( Korean chicken satay, same as yakitori from Japan ), cup chicken, and hotdog ( Sausage inside of the bread ). You don’t need to spend much money. They are all sold for affordable prices from 1.000 won – 5.000 won. Then you can easily nap after your tummies get stuffed. Nyaaammm :9


4. Noraebang and Night Clubs (노래방과 나잇콜럽)

Koreans love to party ! It’s the only way to release their stress after those crazy work hours. They usually come with their colleagues or friends. Noraebang is actually a karaoke center. 노래 ( Norae ) means song ; to sing and 방 (Bang ) means room, so it’s a room to sing.

We can find a lot of noraebang in too many places in Seoul. They are always crowded with people singing or just wanting to have fun. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Korean songs, because the song choices are plentiful.  On Friday, people will usually head to the night clubs. Yep Friday is usually called as 불금 ( Bulgeum ), means Fire Friday. They are on fire to dance and to welcome the freedom that the weekend brings. Sometimes some clubs give free entry to  foreigners or free drinks to entice customers. And also sometimes there will be attractive events you can join in those clubs. You can visit Itaewon or Hongdae to feel the ‘heat’ of the bulgeum! Ready to party this Friday?20080527shinchon_noraebang14

 For a while, this places will be crazy interesting and you will wanna go every time it is possible. But after a while just visiting once in a while to these places will satisfy you. So make sure to get all the partying done before life comes back to kick you in the ass and eat your street food before gluttony takes over your body too. All in all, its gonna be a wild time with memories galore. You won’t be forgetting any of this for a long long time.

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