01 Apr 2016

Lotte World Adventure – Discount prices… Only for YaKorea guests !

Visit and explore the most popular theme park in Seoul ! It’s like a whole new world right in the middle of the urban city ! Let’s go on a magic ride in Lotte World Adventure Theme Park 🙂

And guess what… You even get a discount as a guest of YaKorea ! Yes ! You don’t pay 48,000 KRW but only 35,000 KRW ! For a Daily Passport Ticket – so you can enjoy your whole magical day as you wish, with free admission to all facilities, including Adventure and Magic Island – and even a free entrance to the Museum ! Isn’t that too great to miss ?

Get it from your YaKorea Guesthouse reception, just ask and get it – right away ! But be careful, this discount event is only available until the end of December 2016. Lotte World is located in Jamsil Station, reachable via the subway Green Line, also known as Line 2. Do not miss this chance and go enjoy a beautiful day at Lotte World with Lotty and Lorry 🙂

8153_LotteWorld Logo