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Work Exchange

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Work Exchange Program

Working at YaKorea Hostel as a volunteer, is a unique way to experience life in Korea as a traveler and a way to get a free bed to sleep in, at the cost of a few hours work a day. If you are planning to stay in Korea for more than a month, this is your chance to save a lot of money.You get to be part of the YaKorea family, all while meeting a lot of new people from around the world!

Cleaning staff 
From check-out to check-in time, your job consists of cleaning the guests rooms (beds, vacuum, …) as well as the shared areas (kitchen, bathrooms…).
The work isn’t that hard and the other staff members are always there to help each other!

5 days a week
1. 10.30am ~1.30pm (3hours)
2. 7pm ~ 10pm (3hours)

Reception staff 
At the reception, you will have to welcome customers who want to check-in, reply to emails and phone calls as well as doing some simple cleaning.
You need to be able to speak at least some basic English and Korean fluently

1. 9am ~ 3pm (6hours)
2. 5.30pm ~ 11.30pm (6hours)
1. 9am ~ 4.30pm
(7hours and a half)
2. 4.30pm ~ 11.30pm

Email :
Phone number : 010-5441-6661 (manager)
Address : Changcheongdong, Seodaemungu, Seoul