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24 Nov 2016

Things I Wish I Knew When I First Arrived in Seoul

When I first arrived in Seoul I thought that I knew a lot about the city. All the hours I had spent reading about where to go, what to do, and what to see surely had left me a semi-Seoulite before even setting foot on Korean ground. However, once I actually arrived I quickly came […]

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19 Nov 2016

Things You’ll (Most Likely) Get Used to in Korea

During my time here in Korea I haven’t experienced the infamous culture shock that I so often hear about. However, there’s definitely been some things that took a while for me to get used to, and which I to some extent aren’t quite at ease with yet. At first I thought that I would be forever […]

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15 Nov 2016

Hot Spots For Shopping: Seoul

Hi Everyone! 여러분 안녕! Here is where you can go to see and buy the latest trend in fashion, gadgets and food in Seoul. You may have heard of these spots before. But for first timers to Seoul, these spots are essential for your shopping fix. These places are so popular that it’s crowded 24/7! […]

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11 Nov 2016

A Fiery Donkatsu Awaits You in Sangsu

In the mood for something hot? Don’t let the hour wait deter you, this is a dish you won’t want to miss. Tucked away in one of the many corners behind Sangsu Station near Hongdae, there is a fiery dish that hides behind modest restaurant walls. 사모님 돈까스, which literally translates to Madam’s (Samonim) donkatsu, […]

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05 Nov 2016

When Samcheok is all you need

Samcheok is one of the forgotten jewels of South Korea. If you look it up in a Guide Book you’ll probably just find a quick reference to the nearby ‘Penis Sculpture Park’, which while worth a visit, is not all that Samcheok has to offer. The bus from Seoul takes only 3 hours, and goes […]

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30 Oct 2016

Traveling To Jeju Island

Jeju is the must go-to place for people wanting to get out of the city and visit some scenic places, and beaches. Jeju is considered to be the Hawaii of South Korea by tour agencies. Although I don’t quite agree with this sentiment, it’s still a beautiful place. You have a few options to get yourself there, […]

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26 Oct 2016

Essential Phone Apps For The Newbies

When I travel I always try to blend in with the crowd, however, it’s not always easy as I often find myself battling with oversized maps or being lost due to lack the thereof. Either way I appear very touristy, and thus in order to try and prevent such a situation I’ve downloaded a multitude […]

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20 Oct 2016

Where to Sleep When the Subway Stops

With the weather as cool as it is nowadays, one might be more tempted to party harder and put off their sleep. But f you really must enjoying the ripe nightlife of Seoul and have a carefree attitude then being practical with where you can sleep just be of some importance. While there’s always the option of taking […]

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16 Oct 2016

Jeonju Annual Bibimbap Festival 2016

For the ultimate Bibimbap experience, then the city Known as a gastronomic capital of Korea called Jeonju is your destination of choice this weekend. The 2016 Bibimbap Festival in Jeonju (전주비빔밥축제) is set to kick off this Thursday. Now if you are fan of this healthy dish then you may wanna skip your schedule for […]

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12 Oct 2016

Be Your Own Korean Chef

You are the chef of your house and wanna spice things up? Then why not learn how to make Korean dishes? If you have any Korean friends, you will always hear from them about how spicy Korean food is and the benefits to one’s health there is to be found. Such as lowering one’s risk […]

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