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31 Dec 2016

Clubbing In Korea

Whether you are already in Seoul and you want to go clubbing or you are planning for you trip to South Korea, this article will give you some tips and tricks about nightlife in the South Korean capital. The Basics In order to enter a club (or drink) in South Korea you should be at least 19 […]

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28 Dec 2016

The Story of Ddeokbokki- From the King’s Table to Everyday Favorite

The iconic ddeokbokki in which rice cakes are simmered in a spicy-sweet sauce has become a ubiquitous dish in Korea that ranks among the most popular for locals and a growing following abroad. While it’s more associated as a snack today, the dish was originally meant for the wealthy and elite and bore little resemblance to the […]

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24 Dec 2016

Surviving Sub-Zero: Winter in Korea

Although I currently live in Korea, I come from England originally, a country renowned for rainfall, measly summers, and grey, cold winters. I can’t say I’ve missed the English weather during my time in Korea. Up until winter. My memories of the English winter are that of cold, dark mornings spent waiting for buses in […]

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21 Dec 2016

Jeonju – The City of Several creation, food and a slow pace

Jeonju – The City of Creation In a fast-living society, sometimes we must crave for a slower rhythm of life. Wandering footsteps take us back to Jeonju, the city peace like a mother welcomes her children’s home coming. Jeonju – The city of food For the first time in Korea, Jeonju city – a place […]

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17 Dec 2016

Bosu-dong: The Street of Old Books and Traditional Values

If you’re addicted to quiet spaces, with a few traces of obsoleteness and faint smell of old books, just drop by yourself on 보수동헌책방골목 – Bosu-dong Street of Old Books locating at the heart of Busan city. From Busan station, you just need a 15-minute-bus-riding to the noisy and super-crowded town of old books which […]

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14 Dec 2016

Couples Culture in Korea

For singles around the world, February 14th is the hardest day of the year and in Korea, Christmas too is thought of a hard time for singe people with all those lovey dovey couples. The streets are filled with these smug couples arm-in-arm on their way to expensive dinner reservations. Stores are filled with chocolates […]

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11 Dec 2016

Lesser Known Korean Etiquette

As a foreigner living in Korea, it can be a bit difficult to pick up on the culture at first, especially if you are from the West, where things are just so different. While most of us read about the typical cultural etiquette such as bowing, removing shoes inside, and even pouring drinks for those at your […]

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07 Dec 2016

Night Walk through Samcheong-dong (삼청동)

The day goes by so quickly, just make it stay a little bit longer by having a night walk around, collecting every light, sound, feeling then put all of them into a pocket full of sweet memories. Deadly tired and exhausted after a long day of working hard in the office? Really need a private […]

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03 Dec 2016

What you will see everywhere in Seoul

Seoul, being the capital city of South Korea offers visitors, both domestic or international, a lot of eye tantalizing attractions and also a great mega city landscape. For people who come to Seoul for the first time, They will definitely be caught up in admiring this city. But you know what. Just 2-3 days after […]

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28 Nov 2016

Must haves to survive Goshiwon life

Staying in a goshiwon, a little dormitory style room, can be a way of living in Korea for cheap, however, to get the best possible experience living in your goshiwon there’s a few items that you might want to consider buying. The things mentioned on the list below are things I’ve found to be helpful or […]

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