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21 Oct 2015

Gochang Moyang Fortress Festival

The Gochang Moyang Fortress Festival is held from the 20th October to the 25th October 2015. This fortress was built to prevent invasion from other countries during the reign of King Danjong of Joseon Dynasty. The fortress, stretches out as far as 1,684m, there are many legends and customs that are circulating about the construction […]

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19 Oct 2015

2015 Itaewon Global Village Festival

Every fall around this time, A major festival is held in Itaewon to allow locals as well as visitors to get a taste of what foreigners eat in their homelands! This year will be slightly different from the years before as it will be held at a shorter span of just two days which is […]

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13 Oct 2015

Historical Korean Drama Festival

Historical Korean Drama Festival offers various hands-on programs in the theme of historical dramas and visitors can also closely watch historical dramas being filmed during the festival. Traditional art performances along with fusion performances will take place at the festival as well as a b-boy show with gukak (traditional Korean music), and a performance of […]

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08 Oct 2015

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

So, it’s nearly the weekend and what should you do or where should you go? Clubbing has emptied your pockets and walking at the park is way too boring for you. How about heading to Yeoido Hangang Park for the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market? This event will  be held in 3 waves whereby the second and third […]

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08 Oct 2015

Seoul Eulalia Festival 2015

Probably you will be wondering what the hell is Eulalia. Eulalia is basically a type of tall grass, as tall as an adult human, where some people (or maybe only Koreans) called it silver grass. Every October, the Eulalia will be in full bloom and showcases its stunning silvery feather-like-grass which charms the heart of […]

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05 Oct 2015

Korea in Motion

Are you a fan of Korean dramas, musicals or non-verbal performances? Or have you heard or watched them before? If you haven’t, you should definitely use this chance to get cheaper tickets! The Korea in Motion event will be held from 11th Sept ~ 11th Oct 2015, and you can get a the tickets at a discounted […]

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02 Oct 2015

Wanju Wild Food Festival

It’s October and of course there are lots of events going on during the next few months! One of them will be the Wanju Wild Food Festival that will be held fro the 2nd October 2015 to 4th October 2015 in Gosan Recreational Forest! Ready for an exotic food experience? So what’s so special about this festival? […]

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30 Sep 2015

Seoul 13th International Fireworks Festival

Hosted by Hanwha Group, Seoul has been holding the International Fireworks Festival in Yeoido Hangang Park annually without fail! This says, this year will be the 13th Fireworks Festival and it will be held on the 3rd of October 2015! Ever since this event was introduced by Hanwha in 2000, it has attracted not only […]

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24 Sep 2015

What to do during Chuseok?

Booked your flight ticket to Korea and only realized that it falls on Chuseok, which you did a Google search and found out that most of the shops and restaurants will be close during this important celebration. But, other than shopping, there are actually some other places which are open and you can visit during […]

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22 Sep 2015

Culture and Art at Seoul Plaza

From September 1st up to the November 8th, The plaza at City Hall is currently holding a 2 month long program featuring performances from professional artists. The Seoul Symphony Orchestra kicked off proceedings for this 2 month long program with pieces from Bernstein (Symphonic Dances), John Williams (Olympic Fanfare and Theme), Bruch (Kol Nidrei), and […]

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