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31 Jan 2017

Top 7 Cheap Restaurants To Keep Cash In Your Pocket

You are on a budget and wanna eat cheap? Where in Seoul can you go to have a delicious meal and not empty out your coffers? Actually there is a few options out there to consider. Once you know where to look then it will become a habit. Rather than eat like a tourist and […]

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26 Jan 2017

Eggs-cellent! Make Gyeran Jjim (Korean Style Steamed Eggs) at Home

Steamed eggs, also known as gyeran jjim in Korea, is commonly found in Korean restaurants (such as Korean barbecue restaurants) where they are often enjoyed as a complementary side to one’s meal. Their soft and delicate texture and flavor, non spicy flavors, makes it a hit for young and old, Korean and non-Korean. They’re also […]

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24 Jan 2017

Tea Houses in South Korea

Tea Houses are very popular in South Korea. From big franchises that serve tea, coffee and pastries to back-alley quaint little tea houses – Korea has it all. You can expect to not only try some traditional local teas but also more new-wave teas such as the milk tea with tapioca balls. If you’re ready […]

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22 Jan 2017

North Korean Style Mandu From Kkangtong Mandu

It’s easy to group together “Korean cuisine” as one big group but if you take the time to explore beyond Korean barbecue and bulgogi, one will start to see that its cuisine is very regional. The southern parts of the Korean peninsula is known for its warmer weathers and bolder and sometimes fiery (and fishier) […]

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19 Jan 2017

Mount Taebaek Snow Festival: Gangwon-do Winter Wonderland

Happen to be in Korea in January, the coldest month of the Korean winter? Lucky you! The cold might be biting and intense but it doesn’t mean you have to scurry indoors at every opportunity to escape the chill. There are a great range of activities to make the most of winter with and this […]

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14 Jan 2017

Art Galleries in South Korea

If you’re a lover of fine arts you will be happy to find out that South Korea is a haven for artists. There are many art galleries big and small focusing on both the classic and contemporary art. Ranging from sculpture, textiles, pottery and graphic arts along, here are the best galleries in South Korea. […]

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11 Jan 2017

Top 8 essential online services for foreigners in Korea

South Korea is globally known as a “Miracle of the Han River”. Although this name is well deserved, it is gradually fading with the time, being substituted by numerous new not less miraculous achievements of the Southern part of Korean peninsular. One of them is a ubiquitous Internet penetration, which was introduced and developed in astonishingly short […]

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08 Jan 2017

A Guide to Jimjilbang – Dos and Don’ts

Are you visiting South Korea soon? Want to try a Korean spa but have no idea what the process is like? Follow the next steps and become a Jimjilbang master. Step 1 – The Admission Fee Jimjilbangs are open 24 hours and their admission fees differ from early to late in the day. This due […]

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05 Jan 2017

Sanchon Templefood in Insadong

If you tend to overindulge in samgyeopsal and soju you may sometimes feel the need to do one give your body a break every once in a while. Korea is quite adamant about their meat, so while finding light yet filling vegetarian food in Seoul can be tricky, it’s in no way impossible, and Sanchon […]

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03 Jan 2017

10 Tips That Will Make You Life In Korea Easier

  When you first get to South Korea your bosses, colleagues and friends will bombard you with tips. Most of those tips you’ll forget, or learn on your own. However, here are 10 tips that are bound to get you out of trouble sooner or later. 1. Kakao Pin Kakao Messenger is a first day […]

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